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FLOAT, is published by
Ashland Creek Press.
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New book forthcoming from University of Iowa Press in 2019.


FLOAT is a wry tale of financial desperation, conceptual art, insanity, infertility, seagulls, marital crisis, jellyfish, organized crime, and the plight of a plastic-filled ocean. JoeAnn Hart�s novel takes a smart, satirical look at family, the environment, and life in a hardscrabble seaside town in Maine.

Cape Ann Report, Interview with JoeAnn Hart.


To help support independent publishing, Float may be purchased directly from Ashland Creek Press.
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FLOAT, whose first chapter won the Doug Fir Fiction Award for environmental fiction in 2010, is about the interplay of art, industry and plastics in the ocean. "Infinite Kingdom" is a short story excerpted from FLOAT in Precipitate, (now called Newfound) an on-line journal that explores non-traditional perspectives of the physical world.
Listen to an excerpt HERE.

"In "Float" art is far more than decoration. It is the power of achievement and change. Out of it, we're encouraged to believe, may come the transformation of our world."
Nancy Grape, The Maine Sunday Telegram

"Litter is not confined to just what we can see and we are, unfortunately, polluting the great and glorious sea as if what we can't see won't hurt us. But it does, and eventually it washes up on our beaches, forcing us to confront our careless negligence. JoeAnn Hart's newest novel, Float, takes a darkly comedic look at this very serious topic."